when art is the only language we share- what can we say?

THE PROJECT WAS REALIZED 2007-2008 and is accompanied by the MOVIE


the selling of the DVD enabled me to support the POWER FLOWER greenhouse Project of Paul Bruno for some time. He builds greenhouses in Westafrica in shape of the flower of life.

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Sidi Sow: Artist, designer and children’s art teacher, lived in Bamako, † 2009
Barbara Kowa: Actress, performance artist, multimedia and dance, lives in Berlin.
Toba Sedu Traure: Pöhl-musician, calebasse and vocals, lives in Bamako.
Adama, Papa: Silversmith and goldsmith from Bamako.
Markus Schaller: Multimedia artist, sculptor, lives in Berlin.

And many other village people from Sikoro and Dioula Fondo

If it is true that art can be a universal language, why shouldn’t it be possible to use it with people of totally different social, religious, educational and cultural backgrounds?

Two visual and performing artists from Berlin, we traveled to remote villages in Mali – villages without electricity or other comforts where people speak only Bambara.

For our projects, we used traditional techniques of smelting ore, blacksmithing, music, dance and singing traditional songs from our different cultures.

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