About performancetheater.
A Theater which does orientate itself at the cultural questions of the live-art- performance, is the new ground to be created and investigated .Performance art with its focuse on transformative Processes of the being itself (the Artist as well as the reciepient)  narrowly interwove a modern art form with the discourse of historical importance for the culture itself .

As opposed to the virtual reality possession of us steadily creepingly seizes, on individual as a global level, because we have already  „The global Village“ (Mc Luhan) so that this  can develop  towards a „social sculpture“ (J. Beuys) it needs the conscious turning for the human  abilities.  So in performance art this process goes far beyond dissolving the 4th wall far set the performance artists out, contained being  aware of it the artistic self in contact with an artistic audience or recipient -as EVERY HUMAN is an artist .
The Theater in comparison with the performance art,  is to explain one of the oldest forms of expression and  human shaping of ideas, rich in tradition and almost nostalgic rooted in the storytellers in the core at the fire (of one of the first cultural creations of mankind):
the challenge consists in connecting the linearity of a narrative theater reconciling the transformating  presence of performative process to create a new form of performance theater.
In addition, we should expand these processes beyond the time and space frame of the performance theater piece. According to the ideas of a social sculpture.

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