More than half my life I am inspired by the exercises and meditations of George Ivanovic Gurdjieff as a strong tool to examine human Consciousness, with the self as scientific object and subject for this studies. The Enneagramm captures different aspects of this examination.

It symbolizes the 3 basic tools of consciousness: Intellect, Emotion and Sensation (shown in the Triangle) and the 7 basic Frequencies or Qualities, described in different ways and different cultural backgrounds, for example through the Vedic philosophies and science on the Chakras (shown in the star shaped lines) with circle as the seventh line, connecting and capturing all other aspects: the law of 3 in dynamic cooperation with the law of 7.

Symbols speak of physical, cosmic and spiritual laws in a language of a higher consciousness, liberated from the limitations of linear and argumentative thoughts. They name a universal order, independent from space and time and true in microcosmic states as well as in macrocosmic and multidimensional ones.
They show constant movement from the single to the many from the any to unity and so forth.

This is what l a focusing on also with my work.
So my performances are structured in cycles, which are connected and interacting to incorporate the order of the Enneagramm on a larger scale, looking from a distant point as it unfolds through time and space
in an incorporated Symbol.

The 3 performance-cycles „ONE ANOTHER“, „UNTIL DEATH DO US PART“ and „SEVEN SEALS“ are accompanied by each one Movie, which together build a Trilogy reflecting the different Positions and Possibilities within contemporary Society.

The project „ONE ANOTHER“ 2007/2008 deals with the uneven spreading of material goods through identification, and is also looking for other immaterial forms of wealth.
In the field of material Manifestations and within the Film-Trilogy, „DERAMING MALI“ 2010 made with footage of this project, represents POVERTY.

The performance-cycle „UNTIL DEATH DO US PART“(since 2005) is a reflection on the existential dependencies of human manifestation,
unfolding in 7 different Chapters.
The 7 chapters of this performance cycle:

„Tree talks“ was performed first 2005 in Austria, and again in Mali and Germany (environmental Video performance)
Displayed on the 20YearsTacheles Festival Berlin 2008

„one can see clearly only with the heart” performed 2010 at the Royal Danish Academy of fine Art, Transit station- Festival
„Heart of Unity“ 2014 Shrine of Baha’u’llah Israel

Mao +Tao“ performed 2011 in China

„Every being carries its own seeds within“ performed 2013 in Berlin
at the E.V.E. Festival-female performers from Berlin and New York and several times since than in public spaces

Performed 2014 in Berlin at the Cell63 art space

„l got you under my skin“
Performance 24.May 2015 during the MPA-B at the Cell63artspace

„The calculating mind cannot be trusted“- still to come

This work-cycle is focusing on the symbiotic Nature of all Life and emphasizes on our responsibilities in this matter.
The Movie „MAO+TAO“ presents Taoist Philosophies in the words most booming Industry and represents
INDUSTRY in the Film-Trilogy.

The performance theater „SEVEN SEALS„, unfolds in 3cycles of 7, so in total 21performancejourneys. Now we are in the middle of the full journey. The first took place in the Berlin area with always changing, international and interdisciplinary artists. Now for the second cycle l travel with my suitcase full of experiences ideas and input of all the different artists ant with the 7 meters long tunnel around the world to do the SEVEN SEALS on different places with different travelers and seekers, to find out what the theme of the 3rd cycle is going to be.

The second cycle started in New Zealand. On my 3month long tour I was impressed by the many self sustainable and creative lifestyles and started to film „PARADISE CREATORS“2014/15. I hope to finish this Movie as part 3 AUTONOMY until 2019 to accomplish my Trilogy.

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