Two large pictures are exhibited in a Tripttic-shaped gallerie: sheets
were painted along the crumple: one starting out from the center and one
from the sheet edge. the Gallerie itself has the Shape of a triptic.The sheets spanned like flax walls and built the two sides of the Triptic which is produced during the performance by artists and audience.The artists in the 3 rooms of the Gallerie incorporate a living Triptic



Du musst Dein Leben ändern

The different approaches (starting from inside or on the outside) inspire
choreographic studies of Katja Keya Richter on Video by Barbara Kowa
as well as the question where the limit has to
be drawn between inner perception and environment is the basis for our
artistic research, in which we offer the audience the possibility to sense
the dynamic of input, inner vision and output in a very direct and
experimental way.
With Texts of Peter Sloterdijk and Albert Hoffmann.

Performer: Gerhard Ueberle, Daniel Velasques Ferrá, Gerhard Ueberle und Barbara Kowa

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