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-During the performance SEVEN SEALS we travel through 7 different spaces,
by walking 7 times through a 7 meter long tunnel into a changed space.
-The space appears different each time we are entering, colors and sounds are rising in frequencies. Through sensual experiences and movement-meditations, we also enter different inner spaces and states of sensation, emotion and mentality.
-The Idea to develop our being towards Unity, in 7 basic steps, is common in different cultural backgrounds. So we are also investigating 7 different qualities of relating, connecting and unifying.
– One performance journey is about 5 hours long. The full 7 Seals project is 3×7 journeys.
– The first 7 took place in Berlin in different Galleries and with different artists. Now, at the second stage, I travel around the world, with the tunnel and the input of all the former travelers, to perform SEVEN SEALS after a short introductive performance-workshop.
-Every SEVEN SEALS is different according to the participating guides and guests.
on the road to nowhere

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My primal inspiration was to reach an audience beyond the mental level- I guess that is exactly what makes it hard to explain SEVEN SEALS and I avoid descriptions, as every trip is different. So I hope this shared experiences can give you an Idea:


Eimantas Stonys:“Hey, greetings from LithuaniaI just wanted to leave this message and tell you that Barbara’s 7 Seals performance in Yaga festival here in Lithuania was one of the most amazing things that I’ve experienced in my life. I do not yet fully understand what was happening there, but this was truly mind-blowing and amazing. I am not afraid of the fact that I didn’t fully understand what was happening there – this exact thing together with new emotions and feelings made the whole performance to feel like a one huge lucid dream. I’ve even saved a purple letter about Intuition and Dreams to be able to remember at least some of this dream.Thank you again.“

Martin Liebermann (Germany): „Thank You for the Journey!“

Yayagosha Rice (New Zealand):“Having tasted of this engaging and profound workshop at ElementaI I can wholeheartedly recommend the full Course. Multi-leveled and experimential, this theatrical installation is transformative. So strap on your angle wings and take the trip!!!“

Alexandra Ott (Austria): „evolving inner and outer beauty!“

Todd from Prana (New Zealand):“..much love to you on your journey Barbara, your work touched me deeply.XX“

Barnim Schulze(Germany):“Wow, what energy! the Tipi was fying! thank you!“

Moskowfish (Thailand/Canada): „Seven Seals is a performance unlike any other .. it is intensive inclusive mysterious .. if the concept of surround sound could be created to include emotion, the sense of touch, the sense of wonder and a few other senses that are still fighting for words to describe them then you would have found the experience that best describes the Seven Seals adventure. Truly a performance/event/experience unlike any other on the planet.“

Leo Star (New Zealand):“Love You Sister. So Beautiful, Thanks for Everything!!“

Petra Blossom (New Zealand):“Hi Barbara, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and jewels of inspiration. When do you leave NZ? I was hoping to see you again at Prana!“




For further information – English & German , downalod PDF file below:

Seven Seals Information

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